Someone once asked me why people with superpowers are only ever depicted as superheroes or supervillains and never, say, superchefs. It was a good question, and it got me thinking.

Soon enough, ideas started popping into my head. Characters with extraordinary abilities who used them for completely ordinary purposes. Stories set in a world full of superheroes but eschewing epic adventures for smaller, personal narratives. Not exactly a new idea, but it gripped me nonetheless.

For nearly two years, I released one story per month, posted one page at a time every weekday. The stories are more or less self-contained, with their own narratives and casts of characters, but are united by a shared universe and basic premise. These stories are accessible from the Archive page.

Starting in 2014, however, I switched to an ongoing format, following the experiences of one character and the people she met. It took more of a slice-of-life approach, with less focus on an overarching narrative. Clicking here will take you to the beginning of this piece. In 2016, I started a new ongoing storyline starring a minor character from the previous story, beginning here, which concluded in 2019.