HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 119

“It’ll be more than enough,” Angela said. “She’s got too much to lose.”

Kay leaned back against the couch and crossed his arms.

“Why are you helping me?” he asked. “I figured you’d toss me out on the street and call the cops.”

“I considered it,” she said, “but I can’t turn my back on family. Not when you need me most.”

“Thanks, Sis,” he said. “Now, do you have any idea where we can find our target?”

Angela closed her eyes, delving into the woman’s memories. Among all the visions of Toronto, she caught a single glimpse of a Victory City subway station, and a large man hauling a train behind him. The feeling his image evoked was the same one Angela felt when she looked at Kay.

“She has a brother,” Angela said. “Here in town. I know where he works.”


Angela and Kay went down to one of the more active subway stations in town and spent the next couple hours staking out the platform. They were almost ready to call it a day and trying again tomorrow when she spotted Miss Judgement’s brother.

He was six feet going on seven, broad-chested with thick arms and shaggy dark hair. His powerful fingers were wrapped around a massive chain attached to the front of a train. He disappeared down the tunnel as the train rolled to a halt.

“That’s him,” Angela said.

“Awesome,” Kay said. “I’ll take it from here.”

He made a beeline for the train. Angela followed after him.

“You can’t come with me, Angie,” he said. “If things go sour, you’ll be in a lot of trouble, and I don’t want that on my conscience.”

“Yeah, well, I’m the one who came up with this whole blackmail idea,” she said. “If you get arrested, I don’t want that on my conscience.”

She stepped onto the train and the doors slid shut behind them.

“You and me,” she said, “we’re in this together now.”