HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 128

“I love you,” Angela said.

“Love you too, Angie,” Genesis replied, and stepped back. “Now, we should probably get a move on if we want to say hi before the show.”

She took Angela by the hand and headed for the door. Up the stairs and around the house, they climbed into Genesis’s little car.

“No turning back now,” Genesis said.

Angela chuckled and said “Get on with it.”

Genesis started the car, pulled out of the driveway, and sped off down the street.


The line outside the Valhalla Club looped around the block. Angela skipped ahead to the front with Genesis, where they showed their VIP passes to a bouncer. He checked their IDs and ushered them inside.

The staff was still finishing some last-minute setup for the concert. A middle-aged British man directed operations from the stage. Angela found it hard to believe the crowd outside would be able to fit in here.

Genesis led Angela into a narrow hallway next to the stage. They stopped in front of a door marked “Green Room”. Genesis took a deep breath and knocked. Angela squeezed her shoulder. The door opened.

“Gen!” Jackie Kurtz exclaimed. “I’m glad you came!”

She hugged Genesis and pulled her into the room. Angela followed.

“Hey, Jack,” Genesis said. “How was Europe?”

Amazing,” Jackie said. “Did you see the photos I posted from the stage at Wacken?”

“I did,” Genesis said. “That was a hell of a crowd.”

“I know, right?” Jackie said. “I thought I was going to—Whoa! Angela, is that you?”

“Uh, last time I checked,” Angela replied.

“I almost didn’t recognize you,” Jackie said. “Love the new look.”

“It’s only for tonight,” Angela said, “but thanks.”