HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 130

“Awesome,” Jackie said. “Come on, Greta.”

She grabbed Greta by the hand and headed for the door. She glanced back at Genesis.

“You guys can watch from backstage if you want,” she said.

She disappeared down the hall.

“She never slows down, does she?” Angela asked.

“Nope,” Genesis replied.

They made their way through the building and found themselves standing off to the side of the stage. The crowd cheered as the band made their entrance beneath a banner that read “DRAGONFIRE” in bright orange text.

An Asian woman with a blond pompadour and tattoos covering her right arm stood nearby. She extended her hands toward the stage and a spiky black dragon appeared above the band. She guided it like a marionette as it soared around in time with the music.

Angela found herself more fixated on this woman than on the band. Her fingers danced as she brought this imaginary creature to life, her many rings glittering in the stage lights. She glanced at Angela.

“Sweet jacket,” she said with a wink.

“Uh, thanks,” Angela replied.

The woman’s mind opened up. Behind the style and the attitude, Angela saw someone who cared deeply about other people and strove to make the world a better place in whatever ways she could. Environmentalism, free speech, progressive politics, she used her powers to fight for them all.

That nagging thought crept into the back of Angela’s head for the first time in months: she was wasting her talents. She’d grown complacent, spending her days at a job that required so little of her and added so little back into the world.

“You okay?” Genesis asked. “You look troubled.”

“Oh, it’s nothing major,” Angela replied. “Just second-guessing everything I’m doing with my life.”

Genesis linked arms with Angela and said, “Is that so?”

“Okay, maybe not everything,” Angela said, chuckling.