HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 134

“I’m not sure I did anything to deserve thanks,” Greta said, “but you’re welcome.”

Genesis cleared her throat.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to cut you out of the conversation,” Angela said in English.

“It’s cool,” Genesis said. “I’m just going to assume you were flirting with her and use it against you next time we get into an argument.”

“I can barely even flirt in one language, let alone two,” Angela said.

“True enough,” Genesis said. “I still don’t know how you managed to seduce me.”

Angela took Genesis’s hand and said, “That’s because you seduced me.”

“God, would you two get a room?” Jackie said, stepping out into the living room in boxers and a white tank top.

Jackie,” Greta said.

“I’m just teasing,” Jackie said.

She headed for the kitchen and started rooting around in the cupboards. She produced a large frying pan and a box of pancake mix.

“So who’s hungry?” she asked.

Angela hesitated, glancing over at Genesis.

“I could eat,” Genesis said. “Angie?”

“Sure,” Angela said. “Sounds good.”


After breakfast, Angela worked a shift at New Game Plus and then met up with Genesis for supper. They returned to Angela’s apartment afterwards and got down to the business of testing her abilities.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about how this is going to work,” Angela said. “It’s pretty simple really.”

She flipped open a notebook and drew a chart.

“All I need you to do is write down the time,” she said, adding headings to the chart. “When I start the attempt, when the power comes back, when I pass out, and when I wake up. This way, I’ll be able to track my progress over time.”