HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 140

A taxi pulled up to the curb and Vivian bounded forward without another word.

“Well, sweethearts, I’ll be seeing you around,” she said, and climbed into the car.

Angela and Genesis stood silently on the sidewalk for a while, watching the cab drive away.

“Oh my God,” Genesis said. “She’s so adorable.”

Angela rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, yeah,” she said, heading for Genesis’s car. “Let’s get out of here.”


Angela waved her hand over a pan of chopped potatoes. Flames cascaded from her fingers, toasting the pale yellow chunks to a golden brown. She heard her bedroom door open. Genesis padded out to the kitchen and yawned.

“What’re you making?” Genesis asked.

“Hash browns,” Angela replied.

“They smell incredible,” Genesis said.

“Well, I am the third-best chef in the city at the moment,” Angela said. “Thanks to Mr. Hayes.”

“We should go see him more often, then,” Genesis said.

She put her hands around Angela’s stomach and kissed the back of her neck. Angela snapped her fingers and the flames disappeared.

“I put on some coffee, too,” she said, nodding to the coffee maker at the end of the counter.

“Ooh,” Genesis said.

She let go of Angela and poured two cups of coffee. Angela slid the hash browns onto plates and they ate together on the couch. Angela was quite impressed with her cooking, even if it wasn’t really her own.

After breakfast, Genesis grabbed a shower and got changed. Angela walked her to the elevator. The doors opened and two large men stepped out carrying a sofa between them. They made their way to the apartment across the hall from Angela’s.

“Looks like you’re getting new neighbors,” Genesis said.

“God, I hope they’re not loud,” Angela said.