HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 144

She pulled up her hood, climbed out of the truck, and darted across the street. Crouching low, she slipped through the bushes and disappeared behind the house.

Angela sighed and thought about Kay. Just months ago, she’d helped him escape justice for his crimes, and now she was helping Leigh catch a thief. She wondered if this made her a hypocrite.

She squinted out the window, trying to get a glimpse of what was happening inside the house, but she couldn’t see a thing from here. Minutes ticked by and every passing car made Angela jump.

Thumping bass crept up the street and a cherry red convertible rolled into the driveway of the duplex. The man from the photo climbed out of the car, twirling his keys on his finger as he headed for the house.

“He’s here!” Angela texted.

“Stall him!” Leigh replied. “I need more time!”

Angela stared at the message, her jaw slack. She looked out at the man. He reached the front door and flipped through his keys for the right one.

Angela pictured the street cleaner, and the keys flew out of the man’s hand, landing in the grass. He got down on his knees, probing the grass. She homed in on his expensive leather shoes and the laces tied themselves together.

The man found the keys and stood. He took one step and planted his face on the lawn. Angela stifled a laugh. The man fired off a long string of profanities as he kicked off his shoes and carried them to the door.

She was about to try something else when she spotted Leigh crouching behind the bushes. The man stepped inside and shut the door behind him. Angela waved Leigh over.

“Holy shit,” Leigh said as she climbed behind the wheel. “I should totally do that more often.”

Angela rolled her eyes.

“Please tell me you got what you needed,” she said.

Oh yeah,” Leigh said. “Dude’s going to be in handcuffs by morning.”