HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 149

He nodded, staring down at his food. He opened his mouth as if to speak, then shut it again. Angela smiled to herself; it wasn’t much, but it was a reaction, at least.


The knock came a little after six. Angela was guiding Tommy through a dungeon raid on the island of Sul Ferus, where Galahad fought fire elementals and hellhounds. She stepped away from the computer and answered the door.

“Sorry I’m so late,” Harry said. His tie hung loose around his neck and he had a weariness in his voice. “Took longer to clean up that mess than I expected. How were things with Tommy?”

“Good, I think,” Angela said. “He got really into this video game on my computer. I… hope that’s not a problem. I probably should’ve asked if he’s allowed to play games.”

“Oh, that’s perfectly fine,” Harry said. “He’s never really shown any interest in them, actually.” He gestured into the apartment. “May I?”

“Of course, come on in,” she said.

She turned and headed back to the computer desk, glancing around the room self-consciously. Harry stood by her side and peered down over Tommy’s shoulder. Galahad was facing off against a low-level dragon, its scales glittering a deep orange.

“Hey, kiddo,” Harry said. “Ready to go?”

“Almost,” Tommy replied.

He clicked furiously for a moment and the dragon fell dead. Tommy looted the beast’s treasure hoard, filling Galahad’s backpack with gold and gems and equipment.

“You really like this game, huh?” Harry said.

Tommy nodded.

“What do you say we head downtown tomorrow and buy a copy?” Harry said. “That way, you can keep playing and Angela gets her computer back.”

Tommy hesitated a moment, then logged out of the game.

“Okay,” he said, hopping off the chair.

He stepped over to the couch and shoved his comics back into his bag. Angela wrote the name of the game on a scrap of paper along with some contact information and gave it to Harry.