HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 15

“Holy shit!” Genesis shouted. “Are you okay?”

“I… I think so!” Angela replied.

She pulled her right hand free and immediately lost her balance. She flailed wildly for a moment before slapping her palm back against the wall. She was now positioned awkwardly with her right hand stuck three feet below her left.

She braced herself and yanked her left hand loose, then stuck it to the wall below her right hand. She continued like this down the side of the building, finally dropping a few feet to the pavement. She stumbled and almost fell, but Genesis grabbed her arm to steady her.

“I’m sorry,” Genesis said. “I shouldn’t have made you do that.”

Angela squeezed Genesis’s hand and said, “You didn’t.”


After lunch, Angela headed home and got in touch with her boss to let him know what happened (in the vaguest terms possible). She finished what was left of her shift and loaded up Akkraemyth. She quickly grew restless, however, and logged out of the game.

She walked to the living room window and opened the curtains. The evening sky was growing dim and the traffic below was thinning out to post-rush-hour levels. Angela backed out of her apartment and climbed the stairs to the roof.

A breeze blew in and pressed against her wings. She rose with it, letting the updraft do most of the work. She directed her body toward the edge of the roof and the world fell away beneath her.

The view almost caused her to spin out of control, but she managed to steady herself, diving down between the buildings and then up toward the sky. She kept climbing higher and higher, until she couldn’t see any of the pedestrians below and the cars were just lines of light in the growing dark.

She stopped rising and hovered for a while, just taking in the view. She could see the whole city from up here, the mountains looming to the east and the Pacific stretching to the west. She could even see the stars overhead, glowing brilliantly away from the light pollution below.