HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 151


The smoke detector wailed overhead and Angela noticed her arms were on fire. She reached her consciousness out to the alarm and killed the sound. The flames dispersed, leaving a faint tingling all over her skin.

She turned her attention to her cellphone, lying on the coffee table nearby. She typed a message with her mind.

“Are you busy? I could use some company.”

She sent the message to Genesis. A few minutes later, Genesis replied.

“I’m working late tonight,” she said. “You could come hang out at the shop, but it’ll be pretty boring.”

“I’m on my way,” Angela replied.

She grabbed her coat, threw on a pair of shoes, and hurried out the door.


In the morning, Angela awoke shivering under thick blankets. The chef’s fire powers had faded overnight, leaving her with a chill that permeated her bones. She wrapped her arms around Genesis and snuggled up close, but she just couldn’t get warm.

“Wow, you’re really cold,” Genesis said. “Want me to fix you up a cup of hot chocolate?”

Angela squeezed Genesis tighter and said, “I already have some.”

Genesis laughed.

“I love you, honey, but your pillow talk needs some serious work,” she said.

“Well, maybe I should go absorb the abilities of someone who’s better at it than I am,” Angela said.

“Good idea,” Genesis said. “I bet your mother knows just what to say to get a girl’s motor running.”

Angela sighed.

“I walked right into that one, didn’t I?” she asked.

“Yep,” Genesis replied.

Angela closed her eyes and concentrated on the electronic signals flowing through the room. Her body warmed up immediately, Leigh’s power overriding everything else.