HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 165

The scene in the crypt ended with Greta wrestling a gun from Francis and shooting him. She then turned the gun on Jackie and Angela, trying to figure out which one was real. She ended up shooting the both of them and running for her life. The camera then panned over Angela and Francis as they stood up and walked calmly out of the crypt.

Angela wasn’t sure what the point of it all was, but it was actually pretty fun once she got the hang of it. Afterwards, she changed out of the dress and cleaned the fake blood off her face. She found Jackie, Greta, and Francis drinking together by the entrance to the maze.

“There’s our movie star,” Jackie said, handing Angela a beer. “I’m surprised you’re not keeping that dress. It looked good on you.”

“No, it looked good on you,” Angela said.

“Well, you can keep the body too, then,” Jackie said.

“I think that would make things pretty awkward with Genesis,” Angela said.

Jackie chuckled.

“Yeah, probably,” she said. “I’ll have someone cut you a cheque for tonight’s work, though, so you won’t go home completely empty-handed.”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that,” Angela said.

“Francis is getting paid, so you should too,” Jackie said.

“It’ll be hard for me to make a living if there are people giving it away for free,” Francis said, nudging Angela with his elbow.

“Okay, fine,” Angela said. “Thanks.”

“To a job well done,” Jackie said, raising her beer.

They clinked their bottles together and drank.

“I should probably head home,” Francis said. “I promised my girlfriend I’d read through some script pages for her.”

“You’re so whipped,” Jackie said.

Francis transformed into her and made an obscene gesture with his hand and mouth. Jackie laughed.

“Thanks for letting me try out your powers,” Angela said. “And for your advice.”