HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 167

“Sure,” Angela said. “I’m down on the south end with Jackie and Greta but we’re all finished here. I’ll head to the bus stop now.”

“No, no, I’ll come pick you up,” Genesis said. “What’s the address there?”

Angela found a street sign and read it to Genesis.

“Cool, see you soon,” Genesis said. “Love you.”

Angela glanced at Jackie and Greta, then looked away.

“Love you too,” she said.

Genesis hung up. Angela shoved the phone into her pocket. She turned back to the cousins. Jackie had a shit-eating grin plastered across her face.

“Go ahead,” Angela said. “Make your jokes.”

“I’d never joke about that,” Jackie said. “I’ve been in love too, you know.”

“Oh really?” Angela asked.

“Yes, really,” Jackie replied. “She was beautiful, had a perfect body, curves in all the right places. Holding her in my arms just felt so right. And we made such wonderful music together.”

“You’re talking about a guitar, aren’t you?” Angela said.

“Of course,” Jackie said. She tipped the last few drops of beer into her mouth. “I’m going to grab another bottle. Anyone else want one?”

“I’m good,” Angela said.

“No, thank you,” Greta said.

Jackie turned and headed across the room, where the film crew had gathered around a cooler. Greta and Angela made their way to the exit, stepping out into the cool evening air.

“Is she always this exhausting?” Angela asked.

“Yes,” Greta replied. “But she only teases you because she likes you. And she knows you can handle it.”

“Yeah, well, maybe I should find out just how much she can handle,” Angela said. She transformed into Jackie. “I’m thinking a bank robbery or two. Is that too much?”

Greta laughed.

“A little,” she said.

“Maybe just a speeding ticket, then,” Angela said.