HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 168

She glanced into the warehouse. Jackie was chatting up a lighting technician by the mouth of the labyrinth. The girl laughed at something Jackie said, and Jackie nudged her arm with an elbow.

“She is probably going to be a while,” Greta said.

“I can stick around for a bit if you want some company,” Angela said.

“No, you can go on home with your girlfriend,” Greta replied. She looked past Angela. “Speaking of whom.”

Angela turned to see a red and black smart car pull into the parking lot. Genesis stopped beside them and leaned out the window.

“Hey, girls,” she said. “Is Angela around?”

Greta glanced at Angela and said, “She stepped inside for a moment. She’ll be out shortly.”

“Cool, cool,” Genesis said. “So what did you need her help with, anyway?”

“We, uh, were shooting a music video,” Angela said in Jackie’s voice. “She filled in for someone who couldn’t make it.”

“Right on,” Genesis said. “I hope you took it easy on her. I don’t want to find out you were riding her all night.”

Angela shrugged and said, “You know me.”

“Yeah, Jack, I do,” Genesis said.

“Don’t worry,” Angela said. “She can take whatever I dish out. She’s a tough cookie. Right, Greta?”

“Oh, yes,” Greta said. “Angela is full of surprises.”

“She certainly is,” Genesis said, then paused a moment. “I think I’m going to break up with her, though.”

“You… what?” Angela muttered. “Why?”

“Well, the truth is, I’m still in love with you, Jack,” Genesis said. She said nothing for a long moment, then covered her mouth and snickered. “Angie, she’s standing right behind you.”

Angela glanced back over her shoulder. Jackie stood in the doorway, drinking a beer. Angela changed back into herself.

“You should’ve seen the look on your face,” Genesis said. “Or her face, rather.”

“Very funny,” Angela grumbled, crossing her arms.