“Merry Christmas.”

Angela opened her eyes and smiled at Genesis.

“Hi,” she said.

For a minute or two, she saw what anyone else would’ve seen; dark eyes, freckles on brown skin, and a mop of curly green hair falling over it all. But eventually Genesis’s thoughts and feelings began to creep into Angela’s mind.

Angela sat up and stretched her arms over her head. Long fingers tickled the side of her ribcage; she laughed and swatted Genesis’s hand away.

“What time is it?” Angela asked.

“A little after eight,” Genesis replied. “We usually don’t start on presents until around ten, so we still have plenty of time to get ready.”

“I’m going to make some coffee,” Angela said.

She pictured the face of a barista she met several months ago, and a second Angela appeared beside the bed. Angela B headed out the door. Genesis watched her go.

“On second thought, two hours might not be enough,” she said, kissing Angela A’s neck.

“There’ll be time for that later,” Angela said. “Family comes first.”

Genesis snickered. Angela rolled her eyes.

“You’re so gross,” she said.

“That’s why you love me,” Genesis replied.