HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 171

“No, I love you in spite of that,” Angela said.

“Close enough,” Genesis said.

Angela A sighed. When the coffee was ready, Angela B poured two cups and returned to the bedroom. A wave of exhaustion swept over Angela as her two halves merged back together, but the caffeine took care of that.

Angela and Genesis stayed in bed a while longer before finally dragging themselves out from under the covers. A shower and a change of clothes later, they were on their way out the door. They dashed around the house through pouring rain and climbed the front steps.

The spacious living room was all decked out for Christmas; brightly-lit tree in the corner, wreathes on the wall, a roaring fire in the fireplace. Angela kicked off her shoes and shook the rain from her hair.

“Anybody home?” Genesis called out.

Dominick stepped out of the kitchen a moment later carrying a glass of eggnog. He marched across the room and grabbed both women into a tight hug.

“My girls!” he said. “It is good to see you!”

“We were just here last night, Dad,” Genesis said, wriggling free from his embrace.

“And it was good then, too,” he replied.

She leaned down and sniffed his glass.

“How much rum did you put in your nog?” she asked.

“You mean how much nog did I put in my rum,” he replied. He turned to Angela. “Can I get you a drink, Angela? We also have significant quantities of wine.”

“I’ll… have what you’re having, I guess,” Angela replied. “Maybe a little less rum.”

“And I’ll have the usual,” Genesis said.

“Coming right up,” Dominick said.

He turned and headed back into the kitchen.

“Sorry,” Genesis said. “I forgot to warn you that things here can get a bit… festive.”

“Hey, I’m used to this,” Angela said. “You’ve met my mother, remember.”