HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 174

“Wow, I… don’t know what to say,” Marta said. “Thank you.”

Angela smiled and stared down at her hands.

“Well, nobody’s topping that,” Genesis said.

“Christmas isn’t a competition, dear,” Marta said.

“You better enjoy the gift card I got you, then,” Genesis replied.

“I always do,” Marta said. “Twelve years in a row.”

Angela chuckled and opened her gift from Dominick. It was a gaming headset with a bright purple casing and cushioned headphones.

“I still have the receipt if you prefer a different color,” Dominick said. “Genesis told me that you were looking for a new set so I picked what I thought was best.”

“It’s perfect,” Angela said. “Thanks.”

Genesis unwrapped an assortment of manga volumes from her mother, while Dominick opened up the latest installment in a long-running series of fantasy novels.

The next round of gifts included a new toolset for Genesis from her father, an external hard drive for Marta from Dominick, and a book on the history of superpowers for Angela from Marta. Dominick’s gift from Angela was a CD of a South African jazz band from the late 1960s.

“Is this what I think it is?” he asked.

“I hope so,” she replied. “You saw them live when you were a kid, right? But you couldn’t remember their name? The music plays whenever I look into your eyes.”

He got up and put the CD into a stereo nearby. It sounded like any other jazz to Angela, very smooth with lots of trumpet. Dominick returned to his seat with a broad grin on his face.

“Seeing this band with my parents is one of my last memories before we moved to Canada,” he said. “I thought I would never find them again.”

Genesis punched Angela lightly on the arm.

“I can’t believe all I bought him was a DVD,” she said, chuckling. “Making me look bad here.”

“I guess I might have overdone it a little,” Angela said.