HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 175

“Don’t worry, I’ve still got something up my sleeve,” Genesis said, grabbing the next round of presents. “From me to Mom, me to Dad, me to Angela, and from Angela to me.”

Marta got her gift card and Dominick got his DVD. Angela pulled a card out of an envelope and found a pair of tickets inside for the Victoria to Seattle ferry, dated early March.

“The first night we met, we talked about travel,” Genesis said. “So I figured… let’s just do it. We’ll head down to Victoria, hop on the boat, and then just spend a few days driving around Washington, seeing the sights. I mean, it’s not Europe or Japan, but it’s a start.”

“This is so great,” Angela said, clutching the tickets to her chest. “Now my gift will look lame in comparison.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Genesis said.

She tore the wrapping away from a small velvet box and opened the lid. Inside was a pair of pendants in the form of computer chips, similar to the one tattooed on the back of Genesis’s neck.

“My friend Leigh helped me make them,” Angela said. “There’s data hardwired into them. You can’t actually access it, but they both contain a photo of you and me along with our names and the date we met. I thought that would be a bit more interesting than plain old lockets, you know? Like I said, it’s lame.”

“No, it’s not,” Genesis said. “I love it.”

Angela smiled and took a pendant from the box. She unclasped the chain and slipped it around Genesis’s neck. Genesis did the same to Angela with the other necklace. They turned to face each other.

“Well, I think we need more alcohol,” Dominick said.

“I’ll help,” Marta said.

They gathered up the glasses and headed back to the kitchen. Angela sat in silence for a while, her cheeks still warm from the rum.

“God, we’re such dorks,” Genesis said.

“I know, right?” Angela said.

Genesis leaned in and kissed Angela. She rested her head on Angela’s shoulder.