HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 177

Around mid-afternoon, Genesis stood from the couch and said, “Well, Angela and I should probably get going. It was lovely seeing you all. Merry Christmas et cetera.”

They walked a gauntlet of hugs and shaken hands before finally stepped out the door. Mina, Genesis’s grandmother, was standing on the porch smoking.

“Heading out?” she asked.

“Yep,” Genesis replied. “Angela’s mother is having us over for dinner.”

“You should invite her to join us,” Mina said. “There’s always room in this house for more.”

“I tried, but she has other plans,” Angela said. “I think I’m lucky she could even squeeze me in.”

Mina chuckled and said, “Well, then I hope you enjoy the time you do have together.”

“I will, thanks,” Angela said. “Have a good evening.”

Mina took a long drag from her cigarette and stubbed it out into an ashtray. She pulled Angela into a hug.

“And I hope you’re here for many more Christmases to come,” she said.

“I hope so too,” Angela said.

Mina released Angela and hugged Genesis.

“See you later, Ouma,” Genesis said.

She hopped down off the porch and slid behind the wheel of her car. Angela waved and climbed in beside her. The house shrank into the distance behind them.


The car pulled into the lot beside a high-end apartment building on the other side of town. Angela took a deep breath and stared up at the building.

“Wow,” Genesis said. “Nice place.”

“Yeah,” Angela said. “Mom’s not one to skimp.”

She climbed out of the car and headed around to the front of the building. Her finger hovered over the button for her mother’s unit.

“What’s wrong?” Genesis asked.

“Nothing,” Angela replied. “I just have a weird feeling.”