HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 180

He headed into the kitchen. Harriet gave Angela a dirty look and followed him. Angela led Genesis to a vacant couch and they sat together. The twins stared from the other couch.

“That was intense,” Kay said. “How long’d it take you to write that speech?”

Angela rolled her eyes. She glanced back over her shoulder, into the kitchen. Her father was carving the turkey and transferring slices to a plate. He didn’t say much while Vivian and Harriet picked up their conversation where they’d left off.

“Our math teacher is a lesbian,” Frederica said.

“Oh yeah?” Angela said.

Frederica smiled knowingly and nodded.

“Some of the other kids think it’s weird but I don’t,” she said. “I read about this kind of thing all the time so it’s totally no big deal to me.”

“That’s… uh… very open-minded of you,” Angela said.

Josephine sighed loudly and said, “She’s been like this ever since Dad let her join Tumblr. She thinks she’s so special just because she knows what ‘privilege’ means.”

“Shut up,” Frederica said. “I do not.”

She crossed her arms and turned her back on her sister.

“Well, I certainly appreciate the sentiment,” Genesis said. “I could’ve used a friend like you when I was a kid.”

Frederica beamed. She glanced at Josephine and stuck out her tongue. Genesis chuckled. She leaned toward Angela.

“You okay?” she asked.

Angela nodded.

“Just a little shaken,” she said. “You didn’t… know anything about this, did you?”

“Of course not,” Genesis said. “You think I could keep something like this to myself?”

“Good point,” Angela said. She glared at Kay. “You’re still on my shit list, though.”

“Hey, they kept me just as much in the dark as you,” he said. “I was still in bed when I got the call, and I barely had enough time to rush home and get ready.”

“You could’ve texted,” Angela said.