HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 181

“Sure,” he said, “but if I had, would you still have shown up?”

“Probably,” she replied.

“Then what difference does it make?” he asked.

She opened her mouth to speak, but she couldn’t think of a reply. She crossed her arms and sank back into the couch cushions. In the kitchen, Vivian laughed at something, a loud, slightly fake laugh that had always kind of annoyed Angela.

“So,” Genesis said, “what did you girls get for Christmas?”

As the twins launched into a cataloging of this year’s gifts, Angela felt the tension drain from her body. She wasn’t entirely sure what had come over her. She hadn’t even realized she’d had that much anger in her until her father put her on the spot like that. And then it just… came out.

“Dinner’s ready,” her mother said, leaning over the counter. “Come and get it.”

The twins went first, then Kay. Angela squeezed Genesis’s hand and they followed the others into the kitchen. One by one, the family loaded their plates with food and sat around the table in the living room. An awkward silence fell over the room as they dug into their meals.

“How are things at work, Angela?” Vivian asked.

“They’re fine,” Angela replied. “I have to go in tomorrow for the Boxing Day sale, though. I’m not exactly looking forward to that.”

“Where’s this now?” Harriet asked.

“New Game Plus,” Angela said. “It’s a video game store at the mall.”

“Hmm,” Harriet said. “A girlfriend. A new job. What other surprises do you have waiting for us?”

“Well…” Angela said.

She glanced at Kay and felt his power release its hold on her. She delved back into her memory, summoning up the image of the street cleaner she ran into half a year ago. A slice of turkey floated off her plate and into her mouth. Harriet’s jaw dropped. Angela suppressed a grin.

“I’ve been collecting powers for months now,” she said.