HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 199

“Good morning, ma’am!” he said brightly. “Can I help you with anything?”

“Maybe,” she replied. “I’m supposed to be meeting a man here named Tony Solomon.”

“You must be Angela,” the concierge said. “Mr. Solomon asked me to tell you that he’ll be down around one and that you should wait for him in the hotel lounge.” He pointed across the lobby. “If you follow that hallway, you’ll have no trouble finding the place.”

“Uh, thanks,” Angela said.

She crossed the room and headed down the hallway. A series of signs directed her to the left, where she discovered a warmly-lit club with a décor heavily favoring hardwood. It was mostly empty, just a handful of guests lingering at the bar and in corner booths.

“Table for one?”

A short, dark-haired waitress approached Angela. Their eyes met briefly, until the woman’s thoughts began pressing against Angela’s mind. Angela looked away.

“Two, actually,” she said. “I’m waiting for someone.”

“Right on,” the waitress replied. “Follow me.”

She led Angela to a small table in the middle of the room. Angela took a seat with her back to the bar.

“Can I start you off with anything to drink?” the waitress asked.

“Just water, please,” Angela replied.

The lounge gradually filled up while she waited. She kept her eyes on the table, or on her phone. She didn’t want any stray thoughts distracting her when Tony arrived.

At quarter after one, a red-haired man who’d been sitting over in the corner the whole time got up and sauntered over to Angela’s table. He was wearing navy blazer over a black V-neck, and a pair of dark sunglasses.

“You must be Angela,” he said, sitting across from her. “I’m Tony. Sorry to keep you waiting like that, but I wanted to get a good look at you first.”

“Uh-huh,” Angela muttered. “And what did you see?”