HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 201

By the time she made it back out to the lobby, there was no sign of Tony. She took a deep breath and approached the counter. The concierge smiled.

“Mr. Solomon forgot these at the table,” Angela said, holding up the sunglasses. “Did he go back to his room?”

“No, I’m afraid he just went out,” the concierge said. “I can hold onto them for him here, if you like.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it,” Angela said.

She handed him the glasses. As she turned to leave, she summoned Leigh’s power and accessed the concierge’s computer with her mind. Tony’s room number appeared in her head.

She strolled out the revolving door and ducked into an alley. Nine floors up and three windows over, according the floor plan she pulled off the computer, was Tony’s room. She flew up the side of the building and landed on the balcony. A bit of telekinesis took care of the latch, and she headed inside.

The room was spotless; she almost thought she had the wrong place. But then she noticed the toiletries in the bathroom and the suitcase poking out of the closet.

She opened the case, found nothing but clothes. Next to the case, deep in the corner of the closet, was a small storage chest with a black leather finish. She pulled it out and switched to Leigh’s power again. She focused on the lock, trying to will the tumblers into turning, but it was too low-tech.

She could feel something inside the chest, however. Something pulsing with energy, drawing Wi-Fi signals toward it. She closed her eyes and concentrated on it. The device blinked to life; it was a tablet computer.

She could see the information stored on the tablet in her mind. She found a calendar app with many appointments listed in LA but only one for Victory City: Fatima’s show at the gallery. She found a contact list that wasn’t really much use to her. And she found a web browser.

The browsing history had been cleared recently, but not recently enough. Earlier this morning Tony had searched Google for florists and herbalists in Victory City. First name on the list: The Scarlet Pimpernel. Anna’s shop.