HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 207

“Okay, so there’s this girl named Natsuki,” Genesis said. “She looks like a completely ordinary teenager but she’s actually a human/alien hybrid who has all sorts of powers and….”

Halfway through the synopsis, Angela fell asleep.


Angela woke on the couch and rubbed her eyes. Sunlight peeked in through a window above her head, casting shadows on the far wall. She could hear the sound of water running in the bathroom. After a moment, Genesis stepped out wrapped in a towel.

“Morning,” she said, smiling.

“Hey,” Angela said. “How long was I out?”

“Like twelve, thirteen hours,” Genesis said.

“Jesus,” Angela said. “I’m really sorry. Didn’t mean to pass out on you like that.”

“It alright, you seemed like you needed it,” Genesis said. “I hope you’re not pushing yourself too hard on this case.”

“Pushing is how I get stronger,” Angela said.

“I know,” Genesis said. “I just get worried sometimes with you flying all over the city. If you fell….”

Angela thought about that moment the other day, dangling from the ledge outside Fatima’s window. She stood from the couch and slipped her hands around Genesis’s waist.

“You know I’d never do that to you,” she said.

She kissed Genesis, tasted wintergreen toothpaste. They leaned their foreheads together and stood in silence for a while. The smell of Genesis’s shampoo filled Angela’s nostrils.

“I have to go to work,” Genesis said.

“You should call in sick,” Angela said. “Tell your dad you can’t get out of bed.”

“Tempting, but he’d know I was lying,” Genesis said.

“It wouldn’t have to be a lie,” Angela said.

Genesis chuckled.

“You’re such a bad influence,” she said.

“I’m just returning the favor,” Angela said. “So what do you say?”

“I really can’t,” Genesis said. “Sorry.”

“Don’t sweat it,” Angela said. “It was worth a shot.”