HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 208

“I can give you a ride home, though,” Genesis said.

“Well, I was planning to fly,” Angela said, “but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to pace myself a little.”

“That’s my girl,” Genesis said.


Angela stared up at the sky as the car rolled through the city. Occasionally people would fly by, zipping over rooftops or skimming just above traffic. A part of her wished she could be up there with them. But when she glanced over at Genesis in the driver’s seat, the feeling went away.

“What?” Genesis said. “I got something on my face?”

“Yes,” Angela said, and kissed Genesis on the cheek.

Genesis laughed.

“Dork,” she said.

The car pulled up in front of Angela’s apartment building. They exchanged “I love yous,” and Angela climbed out onto the sidewalk.

“Good luck with your investigation,” Genesis said.

“Thanks,” Angela replied. “I’ll need it.”

She waved as Genesis pulled away from the curb, then she headed inside. As soon as she got upstairs, her stomach started growling. She poured herself a bowl of cereal and parked herself in front of her computer.

She poked around the Internet for a while but nothing caught her interest, so she loaded up Akkraemyth. Tommy from across the hall was online so she joined up with him on a trek through the wilderness surrounding Sal Mordra.

The area was teeming with wildlife—wolves, boars, giant spiders, that sort of thing—and they hunted it all, harvesting meat and pelts and other odds and ends. Along the way, they mined for ores and gathered the various herbs and flowers that dotted the forest floor.

They took a break from the fighting and set up camp in a meadow beneath the digital stars. Tommy, playing as the paladin Galahad, placed an anvil on the ground and started crafting armor and weapons from the materials they’d gathered. Later, he would sell the items for a profit.