Angela strolled through the gates of Victory City University. She looked around in awe at the sprawling campus, the masses of people flowing from building to building or just loitering on the grass. Angela’s only post-secondary experience was community college, nothing quite on this scale.

The dorm towered over the rest of the buildings. She summoned up her shapeshifting ability and changed into a janitor she passed on the way in. She rode the elevator up to the sixteenth floor. It was early in the morning so most of the guys here were either asleep or getting ready for class. Including her target.

She spotted Miles Hendrickson coming out of a door to her right, carrying a bag of toiletries and wearing a tank top and boxers. He was handsome in a douchey sort of way; shaggy blond hair, just the right amount of stubble, blue eyes so pale you almost couldn’t see the snake hiding behind them.

Angela waited until Miles stepped into the shower room, then she slipped into his bedroom. Movie posters lined the walls, mostly macho action movies plus the occasional scifi epic. On a desk in the corner, she found Miles’s laptop and phone.

She switched to Leigh’s power and started digging through his files. A folder hidden deep on his phone was named “Denise”, after his ex-girlfriend, and contained a series of nude photographs she’d sent him before they broke up. On the computer, Angela found a backup of the folder.

She deleted them both.