HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 224

Thanks to that glimpse into his eyes earlier, she knew that Miles hadn’t thought to move any of his files to online storage. These were his only copies. She scrubbed them from the hard drive so thoroughly nobody would ever be able to recover them.

Angela put everything back the way she found it. She shapeshifted into Miles and backed out of the room. She nodded at a random bro type on the way up the hall and quickly ducked into the elevator.

She shifted back into the janitor on the way down and strolled out of the building. She didn’t change into herself again until she reached the campus gates. Then she grabbed her phone and made a call.

“Hello?” Denise Masters said.

“It’s me,” Angela replied. “The files are gone from both his phone and his laptop. He didn’t make any backups as far as I could tell, so you should be in the clear.”

“Oh, thank God!” Denise said. “You don’t know what it means to me to not have this hanging over my head anymore. Maybe I can finally get a good night’s sleep for a change.”

“Here’s hoping,” Angela said. “If he gives you any more trouble, let me know. I’ll make him wish he was never born. No extra charge.”

Denise chuckled.

“I may take you up on that,” she said. “I’m sending you the rest of your fee now. You should get the email any minute.”

“Thanks,” Angela said. “You take care of yourself, now.”

“I will,” Denise said. “Goodbye.”

She hung up.  Angela put her phone away and took flight. She still had a few hours before her next client meeting so she decided to go home for a bit.

She still lived in the same building as always, but a few floors down, in a slightly bigger and more expensive apartment. They had considered moving into Genesis’s place but in the end decided it was best to start fresh.

“Finished already?” Genesis said as Angela stepped inside.

“Yep,” Angela replied. “Turns out breaking into a college dorm and hacking a guy’s files is easier than it sounds.”