HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 240

“I will,” Simone said. “Goodbye, Angela, Frederica.”

She lingered a moment and then headed back inside. Angela turned and started down the sidewalk. Frederica hurried after her. Angela left her sister hanging for a couple minutes, then took half of the money from the envelope.

“Don’t spend it all in one place,” Angela said, handing over the cash. “Now come on, we’ve got a lunch date.”


Angela and Frederica sat across from Kay and Josephine at a table in the Rogues Gallery II Steakhouse. The place was pretty busy but they managed to squeeze them in after Angela namedropped her mother.

“How goes the training?” Kay asked as they browsed the menu.

“Really good,” Angela replied. “We figured out that I can pass the powers I’ve collected on to her. Saves us from having to track everyone down again.”

“Nice,” Kay said, and glanced at Frederica. “Can we get a demonstration?”

Frederica started shapeshifting, changing into Kay, Angela, random people from other tables, and finally ended up wearing Tommy’s face. She blushed and changed back into herself.

“Who was that?” Josephine asked.

“Nobody,” Frederica said.

“Then why are you blushing?” Josephine said.

“I’m not,” Frederica said. “Shut up.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Josephine asked.

“I said shut up,” Frederica replied.

She shifted again, becoming a pale girl with straight black hair covering her face. Josephine gasped and looked away. Frederica moaned and reached across the table. Josephine stifled a whimper. Angela gave Kay a confused look.

“It’s from a movie,” he said. “They watched it when they were five. Jo had nightmares for months. But on the bright side, I never had to babysit again.”

He snapped his fingers and Frederica returned to normal.

“Aw,” she muttered.