HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 248

“Well, I haven’t really tried it over long distances yet,” Angela said, “but with enough practice, you could probably travel quite far. If, for instance, you wanted to visit a boy who lived in another city, it might be doable.”

Frederica turned bright red.

“That’s not why I was asking!” she snapped.

“Okay, okay,” Angela said, chuckling. “In any case, you’re welcome to come visit me and Genesis anytime you like. It’s been really nice having you.”

Frederica smiled and glanced away.

“Thanks,” she said. “I… had fun too.”

“I’m glad,” Angela said. “Now, I suppose we should probably get you to the airport.”

They flew down to the building to pick up Frederica’s suitcase, then they headed back out over the city. Frederica started getting more creative with her movements, doing flips and barrel rolls as they soared above and between buildings.

Eventually, Victory City’s airport sprawled beneath them. A plane rolled down a runway and rose into the sky, passing so close that Angela could see the passengers in the windows.

On the way down to the front entrance, Angela spotted Kay climbing out of his car in the parking lot. Angela took out her phone and texted him a photo of the top of his head. He opened the message and looked up.

“Very funny,” he said.

She floated down and landed in a seated position on the roof of his car. Josephine got out and stared up at Frederica, still drifting slowly to the ground.

So unfair,” Josephine said. “I’m totally going to make Dad buy me a car when I’m old enough.”

“Yeah, good luck with that, kid,” Kay said. “I could barely even get a bike out of them.”

“That’s because they knew what kind of trouble you could get into behind the wheel,” Angela said, hopping down from the car.

Kay chuckled.

“That’s probably true, actually,” he said.