HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 255

“You could start by telling me how you’ve been all these years,” Dorothy said.

“Well, if you must know,” Angela said. “After college I became a shut-in, even worse than before. And I stayed that way until I met Genesis last year. Now I’m better than ever. Turns out I just needed to find the right woman.”

“I know you’re trying to make me feel bad,” Dorothy said, “but mostly I’m just glad you’ve still got so much fire left in you.”

Angela rolled her eyes.

“You never could take anything seriously,” she said.

“Oh, I could,” Dorothy said, “I just chose not to because I knew how much it riled you up. It was the only way I could ever drag you out of your shell.”

“You’ve never seen me out of my shell,” Angela said.

“Not for lack of trying,” Dorothy said.

An awkward silence fell between them. Time looped again and they kept walking. Angela spotted Kay’s street ahead and hurried around the corner.

“There it is,” Angela said, marching up into the foyer.

She punched in the number for Kay’s apartment and waited. The buzzer rang and rang, but Kay didn’t pick up. She tried again; still nothing.

“What now?” Dorothy asked.

“Now,” Angela said, “we improvise.”

She summoned up Leigh’s power and worked her magic. The door opened with a buzz. She held it open for Dorothy.

“Well, look at you,” Dorothy said. “Breaking into a building like it’s nothing.”

“It is nothing,” Angela said. “Come on.”

They headed up the stairs to the third floor. Angela knocked on Kay’s door. Again, there was no answer. She plugged Kay’s number into her phone and placed her hand on the door, searching for the receiving signal.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Angela said. “He’s not even home.”

“So we came all this way for nothing?” Dorothy asked.

“Like hell we did,” Angela replied.