HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 260

“I’m amazed that you’re taking all this in stride,” Dorothy said. “You’re at least fifty feet tall and you’re not even freaking out a bit.”

“You should’ve seen me last year,” Angela said. “The first time I sprouted wings out of my back, I totally lost my shit. Practically begged my doctor to cut them off.”

“I wish I had seen that,” Dorothy said, chuckling. “I bet they were really cute.”

“Trust me, they weren’t,” Angela said. “They were insect wings.”

“Ew,” Dorothy muttered.

“Yeah,” Angela said. “Genesis seemed to like them, though. She’s weird that way.”

“Sounds like a perfect match for you,” Dorothy said.

“I like to think we bring out the best in each other,” Angela said. “What about you? You must have someone special in your life.”

“I do have someone,” Dorothy said. “Not so much special, though. More like a roommate I share a bed with. There hasn’t been any spark for a long time, if there ever was one.”

“Why are you still together, then?” Angela asked.

“Laziness, mostly,” Dorothy replied. “Breaking up is too much effort at this point.”

“That’s… not a very good reason,” Angela said.

“No,” Dorothy said. “It’s not.”

And then there was silence again, except for the boom of Angela’s footsteps echoing off factories and warehouses. She came out the other side of the industrial district shortly thereafter, and stepped into the suburb where Deirdre lived.

Angela lowered Dorothy from her shoulder and returned to regular size. She felt a little lightheaded for a moment, as if her brain were being squeezed into too small a container. But it quickly passed, and she was back to normal. She checked the map on her phone.

“It’s just a couple blocks that way,” she said, pointing up the street.

“Let’s finish this, then,” Dorothy said.