HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 270

A warm light flickered on as they stepped inside. The interior of the cabin was all wood panelling and bronze fixtures. To the left, a small kitchen. To the right, a loveseat and reclining chairs circled a fireplace.

A bed was tucked up into the far left corner, neatly made with crisp, white sheets. On the far right, a door led off to the bathroom. And between the two, a second door opened onto a narrow strip of beach behind the cabin.

“This place is so cozy,” Genesis said. “I really have to thank your mother again for arranging this. She’s got impeccable taste.”

“Yeah, she’s never one to skimp,” Angela said.

She stepped into the kitchen and put the groceries away. Genesis plugged her phone into a dock on the counter. Japanese pop music piped in from speakers mounted around the room. She started dancing. Angela leaned against the counter and watched.

“You just going to stand there or are you going to join in?” Genesis asked.

“You know I can’t dance,” Angela said.

“Nice try,” Genesis said. “We both know you can do anything.”

Angela was tempted to argue, but instead she thought back to a night spent at the Valhalla Club last year. She remembered catching the eye of a group of girls dancing off in one corner, and their minds flowed back into hers.

And so Angela and Genesis spent the rest of the evening dancing to J-pop in the middle of the cabin. When they finally wore themselves out, they collapsed on the couch.

“Man, that was exactly what I needed,” Genesis said, sinking into the cushions.

“Me too,” Angela said. “It’s nice not having to worry about other people’s problems for a change.”

“As if you don’t love every minute of it,” Genesis said.

Angela chuckled.

“It has its moments,” she said.

She reached her hand out and a flame jumped from her fingertips, igniting the pile of logs in the fireplace.