HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 271


Angela woke sometime in the morning. She was still on the couch, wrapped in one of the white sheets from the bed. The fire had long since burned to ash.

“Morning, sleepyhead,” Genesis said. “You ready for a day of excitement in the great outdoors?”

Angela yawned.

“Can I make some coffee first?”

“Way ahead of you.”

Genesis leaned over the back of the couch and gave Angela a mug and a peck on the cheek. Angela took a sip of the coffee and held it close to her chest.

“So what adventures do you have planned for us today?” she asked.

Genesis plopped back down beside Angela and passed her a plate of scrambled eggs.

“Well, I took a look out back and noticed a couple hiking trails leading off into the hills,” she said. “I was thinking we could spend the day exploring, maybe have a little picnic while we’re out there.”

“That… sounds wonderful,” Angela said.

“Great!” Genesis said. “Okay, you finish your breakfast. I’ll go make sandwiches.”

Angela dug into the eggs and downed the rest of the coffee. When she was done, she brushed her teeth and grabbed a quick shower. By the time she finished getting dressed, they were ready to head out.

The trail was a lot rougher than she expected. She spent most of the time stumbling over rocks or ducking under hanging branches. And though most of the path was uphill, Angela resisted the urge to use any of her powers to make the journey easier; that wouldn’t have been fair to Genesis, after all.

They eventually came to a clearing at the edge of a cliff. Standing on the precipice, they could see the entire lake stretching out below them. Cabins punctuated the forest all along the shore, while canoes and paddleboats streaked across the water. Angela held Genesis’s hand and they just stood a while, taking in the view.