HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 272

They set up their picnic here, and ate lunch while watching the sun mosey across the sky. At some point late in the afternoon, they decided to head back to the cabin. The return trip was much easier, though Angela was still quite exhausted. She cheated a little and switched on her healing powers to restore her muscles.

For supper, Angela fired up the BBQ and grilled some hamburgers. Afterwards, they drank beer on the back porch as the sun set over the lake. They got a bit too drunk for swimming, so they went to bed early.

They fell asleep a few hours later.



The cabin shuddered. Angela sat up sharply, peering around the dimly lit room. She pulled on some pajamas and crawled out of bed. She could hear wind howling through the trees and rain battering the walls. A flash of lightning brightened the room, and another boom followed moments later.

“That’s bad, isn’t it?” Genesis muttered.

Angela flicked the light switch by the door. Nothing happened.

“Yes,” Angela said. “It’s bad.”

She stepped over to the kitchen counter and picked up the cabin’s landline phone. No dial tone.

“Very bad.” She leaned against the back of the couch and crossed her arms. “What time is it?”

“Eight-thirty,” Genesis said.

“Hmm,” Angela muttered. “Think we should head back to the city?”

Genesis shook her head.

“I’d rather not be on the road in this weather,” she said. “We might as well just wait it out.”

“In that case, I should probably do something about the food,” Angela said.

She walked over to the fridge and switched to some cold powers she picked up ages ago. She reinforced the freezer with ice and packed some into the fridge as well.

“That ought to do it.”