HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 273

She heard a door open and a gust of humid air tore through the room. She glanced back at the bed; Genesis was gone. Angela hurried to the door and stepped out onto the back porch. Genesis was standing on the beach in t-shirt and shorts, face turned to the sky as rain poured down on her.

“What are you doing?” Angela shouted over the clamor.

Genesis smiled and bounded over to the porch. She took Angela’s hands.

“Come on,” she said. “It feels so nice.”

Angela sighed and stepped forward. The wet sand squished between her toes and the rain trickled down the back of her shirt. Genesis leaned in and kissed her. Lightning spiderwebbed the sky.


“You’re going to get us electrocuted,” Angela said, brushing a clump of wet hair from Genesis’s eyes.

“That would be quite a shocking turn of events,” Genesis replied.

Angela groaned.

“You are the worst.”

Genesis grinned and strolled back toward the water’s edge. Angela waved her arm in a wide arc and the rain froze in midair. Hail pelleted Genesis from above. She laughed and ducked out of the way.


A bolt of lightning slammed into the surface of the lake less than ten feet out. Genesis screamed and stumbled backwards, falling onto the sand. Angela reached down and helped her up.

“I changed my mind,” Genesis muttered. “Let’s go back inside.”

They hurried into the cabin, dripping water all over the floor. Angela grabbed towels from the bathroom and wrapped one around Genesis.

“You alright?” Angela asked.

Genesis nodded, but she was still trembling pretty badly. Angela sat her down in front of the fireplace and started a little blaze going. They didn’t have much firewood left—most of it was stored out on the porch—but she made do.