HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 278


The power came on later that morning, and the rain stopped in the afternoon. Angela and Genesis went out for a swim while Chip was napping. The water was cold so Angela warmed it up with her powers.

But they didn’t want to leave the cat alone for very long so they mostly stayed inside with him for the rest of the trip. On the final night, he actually climbed into bed with them, crouching at the far end and occasionally brushing up against their feet.

When the time came to leave, Chip let Angela pick him up and carry him to the car without raising a fuss. He immediately curled up in her lap. Angela rested her hand lightly on his side, feeling his chest rise and fall with his breathing. Genesis glanced over and smiled.

“You know what this feels like?” she asked.

“What’s that?” Angela replied.

Genesis started the car and pulled away from the cabin.

“A family.”