The djinn rose from the sands of the Aldermord Desert, looming over the Servants of Gloom. Talon, the necromancer, called up a wall of bones to shield her guild from the specter’s fiery onslaught. The healer, Nightingale, cast protective spells on warriors Galana and Balthazar, and the two of them charged at the beast.

“This guy needs to chill out!” Galana said, swinging her massive club.

“On it!” their elemental mage, Artephius, replied.

He cast a spell that sent spears of ice into the djinn’s torso. The creature writhed and retaliated with another fireball. Balthazar rolled to one side and stabbed up with twin daggers.

“Can you shore up the right flank, Talon?” Galana said.

Talon summoned a swarm of skeletons next to the djinn and said, “Qcwhbnrtyjykluiop.”

Angela glanced down from the screen as Chip marched across her keyboard and splayed himself out on top of her hands.

“Dude,” she said. “I’m kind of in the middle of something.”

He looked up at her lazily and meowed. She chuckled.

“You’re such a dick.”

She used telekinesis to lift him off the keyboard and onto her lap. He peeked up over the edge of the desk to watch her play the game. Her party whittled the djinn’s health down bit by bit, while Nightingale struggled to keep everyone alive. Finally, the flaming specter disintegrated into a thick cloud of smoke, leaving a pile of loot behind.