HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 303

Back in the dressing room, she glanced around to make sure she wasn’t forgetting anything. Then she thought about home and made a series of gestures with her left hand. A swirling black vortex appeared in front of her.

With a single step, Angela moved from the dressing room in New York to her apartment in Victory City. The lights were all out except for a lamp beside the couch. Angela waved her hand and the portal disappeared.

She was still all sweaty from her performance so she stepped into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Afterwards, she threw on a pair of pajamas and stood in front of the mirror. The adrenaline from the show still hadn’t worn off, but she was finally starting to feel like herself again.

A wave of dizziness washed over Angela, and her vision blurred. She gripped the edges of the sink and squeezed her eyes shut until the spell passed. When it was finally over, she leaned down and splashed some water onto her face. She opened her eyes and looked up at the mirror. Two reflections stared back at her.

“Hey,” one of the reflections said.

Angela’s knees gave out. She reached for the sink to steady herself but her hand slipped. A sharp pain rocked her skull as her forehead struck porcelain, then she spiralled into unconsciousness.


Angela awoke on the couch with Chip pawing at her face. When he noticed her eyes were open, he meowed and curled up on her chest. Angela scratched the back of his head. He purred loudly. She could hardly believe he was the same feral little furball they found in the woods just a few short months ago.

She touched her forehead where she hit the sink; it was still a little tender but there didn’t seem to be any lasting damage. She was more concerned about the hallucination—or vision?—she had before collapsing. Had she accidentally duplicated herself? Or was it all just in her head?

“It wasn’t a dream, if that’s what you’re wondering.”

Angela sat bolt upright, dumping Chip onto the floor. In a shadowy corner of the room, a woman leaned against the wall. She was wearing grey cargo pants, a leather jacket, and Angela’s face.