HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 306

“What about my family?” Genesis asked. “What happened to them?”

“Marta was fine,” Future Angela replied. “She was on campus at the time, outside the range of the explosion. Your father… he was at the shop with you.”

Genesis staggered to the couch. Angela sat beside her, held her hand.

“You were just going to leave him here to die,” Genesis said. “You were going to leave everyone to die.”

“Yes,” Future Angela said.

“Bullshit,” Genesis said. “The Angela I know would never accept that.”

“The Angela you know hasn’t seen what I’ve seen,” Future Angela said. “And I’m trying to make sure she never has to. But every action I take has consequences. History’s not going to notice a single extra survivor, but if the explosion never happens at all, there’s no telling what the ripple effects will be. It’s too big of a risk.”

“Then I guess we’ve reached an impasse,” Genesis said. “I don’t want to die, but I could never live with myself knowing we did nothing to stop this.”

“There’s nothing we can do!” Future Angela said. “I only got my powers back a few days ago. Before that I fixed cars for a living. I’m not equipped to stop a….”

“A what?” Angela asked. “You still haven’t told us what caused all this.”

Future Angela waved her right hand and the curtains flew open. Outside the window, an enormous spacecraft, roughly the size of an ocean liner, floated above the city. It listed to the side, smoke billowing from one of its massive engines.

The ship was long and angular, its hull cobbled together from a patchwork of various materials. The craft didn’t appear to be armed; not that Angela would have recognized alien weaponry if she saw it. Mostly the ship just looked kind of pathetic, like it might fall apart at any moment.

Which, she realized, was exactly what was going to happen.