HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 307

“We never found out who they were or why they came,” Future Angela said. “The explosion started in the engines before spreading inward. There wasn’t enough left of it to do a proper analysis. But if you think you can figure out in thirty hours what countless experts couldn’t in almost thirty years, be my guest.”

“Couldn’t hurt to try,” Angela said.

“Yes, it very much could,” Future Angela replied. “That’s what I’ve just been telling you.”

“Look, you’re me,” Angela said. “You know how stubborn I can be. But if you really think it’s hopeless, maybe you should get out of Victory City yourself. If I can’t do anything to stop this, you can just rewind again and tell me I failed.”

Future Angela sighed.

“I should’ve just told you that from the beginning,” she said. “Save myself the trouble.”

“That never would’ve worked,” Genesis said. “You’ve always been a terrible liar.”

“Don’t be so sure” Future Angela said. “You’d be surprised what a person can learn given enough time to practice.”

“I look forward to seeing it for myself,” Genesis said. “And I promise, if the city blows up again, we’ll do things your way next time. Deal?”

“I never could say no to you,” Future Angela replied. “Let’s get started.”

“You’re not going to leave town?” Angela asked.

“And let you have all the fun?” Future Angela said. “Not a chance.”

“Okay, then,” Angela said. “Genesis, I need you to track down Leigh. If anyone can figure out how to work with advanced alien technology, it’s her. I’m going to go get a closer look at the ship with, uh, Future Me.”

“If it makes things easier, you can call me ‘Ozzie’,” Future Angela said. “Everyone does in my time.”

Angela chuckled.

“So… you and Dorothy…?”

“Off and on,” Ozzie replied. “Nothing really serious, but she was there for me after… everything. Anyway, we should go.”