HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 31

“I’m not feeling good,” Angela replied. “Lost my voice and coughing a lot.”

“Aw,” Genesis said. “Want me to bring you some chicken soup?”

Angela wanted to say yes. She really did. But the thought of having to face Genesis and admit that she lost her job just made Angela feel worse.

“Better not,” she typed. “I wouldn’t want to infect you.”

“Okay,” Genesis replied.

Angela put her phone down and logged into Akkraemyth. None of her guild was online so she soloed for a while, wandering the Aldermord Desert and battling monsters.

A few hours into her travels, she found herself running low on healing potions and surrounded by enemies. She charged toward a lone basilisk but it knocked her back into a cluster of sandworms. They descended upon her.

A ball of fire crashed to the ground, enveloping the worms. Three died while the fourth slithered for cover. A bolt of lightning struck it in the back, reducing it to ashes. Talon summoned a several skeletons to fend off the remaining enemies while shards of ice rained down upon them.

When the last monster fell, a healing spell swirled around Talon and a pink-haired elf descended from the sky in pale blue robes. The name “Lilith” floated above her head.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Angela typed. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” Lilith said. “I’ve actually been watching you for a while. Most people at your level don’t come out this way alone. And they don’t usually survive as long as you did.”

“I was just blowing off steam,” Angela said. “I lost my job yesterday.”

“Oh yeah?” Lilith said. “What’d you do?”

“Told a customer to STFU,” Angela replied.

“Hahaha!” Lilith said. “That’s awesome.”

“It was stupid,” Angela said.

“Everyone has their breaking point,” Lilith said. “No point fighting it.”