Angela stood in the hallway at the Champion Hotel, staring at a pair of double doors. She was wearing a pale yellow dress that flowed to her ankles. She shivered, wishing she’d chosen something with long sleeves.

“Nervous?” Genesis asked.

“Just a little cold,” Angela replied.

Genesis put her arm around Angela’s shoulder. She was dressed in black, a sleek number than hung just short of her knees. Her mother had insisted on something more traditional, but doing things by the book wasn’t really their style.

“I kind of wish we could just skip this,” Angela said. “I want to have you all to myself.”

“You will,” Genesis said. “For the rest of our lives.”

Then the music started. The Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin, played on electric guitar. Angela took Genesis’s hand and opened the doors with her mind.

They walked down the aisle, passing row upon row of their friends and family. On stage, Dragonfire played the march, with Greta singing in German. The marriage commissioner, a heavyset man with white hair and warm smile, waited at the end of the aisle.

Angela glanced over the crowd. She spotted Harry and Tommy, Fatima, and a few others whose lives she’d touched. Then there was Dorothy and Deirdre and Kay, along with Angela’s parents, stepmother, and half-sisters. On Genesis’s side, there was Marta and Dominick, Mina, and the rest of the extended family.