HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 46

“Is this your house?” Angela asked.

“Not exactly,” Genesis replied. “Come on, this way.”

She led Angela around to the left side of the house. A set of steps descended to a door labelled “Unit B”. Genesis unlocked the door and they headed inside.

A large open area combining living room and kitchen greeted them, with doors branching off to adjacent rooms. An old couch sat in the middle of the room in front of a coffee table covered with mail and dirty dishes. Clothing littered the floor here and there.

“So now you know my secret,” Genesis said. “I’m a slob.”

“My lips are sealed,” Angela replied.

Genesis chuckled and stepped past a forty-inch TV to a DVD rack standing against the wall. She ran her index finger along the shelves.

“Here we are,” she said.

She handed Angela a box set. The cover depicted the show’s main cast traversing a mystical forest astride mechanical horses.

“Thanks,” Angela said.

She opened the case and flipped through. Each disc bore a picture of a different character; the teen protagonist, a dark-skinned warrior woman, a hulking brute in a monk’s habit, a white-haired pretty boy with a robot arm, and a young girl with bat wings.

“You can pop in the first disc if you like,” Genesis said, pointing to the PlayStation in front of the television.

“I don’t know,” Angela said. “It’s getting pretty late, and I’ve had a really long day.”

“Fair enough,” Genesis said. “I’d offer my couch but you’d probably rather sleep in your own bed right now.”

“Yeah,” Angela said.

“Well, might as well hit the road, then,” Genesis said.

Angela followed Genesis back outside. A pair of headlights glared in their faces as a silver hatchback pulled into the driveway. The car slowed and the driver side window rolled down.

“Evening, ladies,” Dominick said.

“Hey,” Genesis said.