HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 55

“Really?” Genesis asked.

Angela glanced left and right. A couple blocks away, on the other side of the street, she spotted a diner.

“There’s a place on Weaver Street,” she said. “Looks like there’s a… boat anchor on the sign.”

“I know the place,” Genesis said. “I’ll be right there.”

“See you soon,” Angela said.

She stepped out of view of the café window and clenched her fists. She felt a pulling sensation in her chest, spreading through the rest of her body. The feeling continued to intensify until, finally, a second Angela appeared in front of her.

Both Angelas reached out their right hand and touched the other’s face. She could feel both hands touching both faces. It was like looking into a mirror while also being the mirror. With a bit of concentration, she could move both bodies independently of each other.

One Angela, who she decided to think of as “Angela B”, turned and walked up the street. The other headed back into the café. A tension filled the space between them; subtle at first but growing tighter the farther she walked.

“Something wrong?” Leigh asked. “We can reschedule again if you—”

Angela A shook her head.

“No,” she said. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Leigh smiled and said, “Cool.”

Angela B reached the diner and found a quiet table in the corner. Angela A moved one of her knights (a goblin riding a hellhound) to capture one of Leigh’s bishops (an elven cleric).

“You know, you’d make a killing at poker,” Leigh said. “We should pop down to the casino sometime.”

“No way,” Angela A said. “They’ll take me out back and break my legs.”

“Nah, they’re total pushovers,” Leigh said. “I used to mess around on the slot machines there all the time and they never caught on.”

Angela A laughed.

“I suppose it would be easier than working retail,” she said.