HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 57

The waitress returned with their food. Angela B took a bite of her steak and Angela A started to salivate. A little extra concentration kept the two separate.

“Are you… somewhere else right now?” Genesis asked.

Angela B choked on a mouthful of food and downed half a glass of water.

“What?” she replied, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“On the phone, earlier, you told me you were busy,” Genesis said. “Then all of a sudden you were free for lunch. You’re doing both, aren’t you?”

Angela shrank back into her seat and nodded.

“And you didn’t mention that because…?” Genesis asked.

“I don’t know,” Angela said.

“What are you doing that’s so important you had to lie about it?” Genesis asked.

Angela sighed and said, “Playing chess.”

“Uh… what?” Genesis asked.

“I met someone at work,” Angela said. “Well, I met her in Akkraemyth, actually, but she came to the store a couple days ago and we hit it off. She challenged me to a chess match. We’re in a café down the street right now.”

“So you’re… on a date?” Genesis said.

“No, of course not,” Angela said. “It’s literally just chess.”

“Then why the secrecy?” Genesis asked.

Angela thought about it for a long while, not even completely sure what the answer was.

“I guess I just… wanted to keep her for myself,” she said finally. “I figured if I told you about her, you’d want to meet her, and then she’d see how cool you are and I’d seem less interesting by comparison.”

“Well… I suppose I can’t argue with that,” Genesis said, half-chuckling.

“I’m really sorry,” Angela said. “I should have been honest with you.”

“It’s alright, I forgive you,” Genesis said. “Just… no more lies, okay?”