HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 58

Angela nodded. She considered telling Genesis about meeting Dominick, but then she thought about the reason she met Dominick and decided not the press the issue.

“You’re not about to give up, are you?” Leigh asked.

“Huh?” Angela A replied.

“You haven’t moved in a while,” Leigh said.

“Oh, sorry,” Angela A said, pushing a pawn forward. “I was… distracted.”

“You looked like you were a million miles away,” Leigh said.

“Just a couple blocks, actually,” Angela replied.

Leigh glanced over at the barista and chuckled.

“You sly dog,” she said. “I didn’t even see you do it.”

“It was when I was outside on the phone,” Angela said. “You’re not angry?”

“Hell, I’m impressed,” Leigh said. “You’re in two places at once and you’re still giving me a run for my money.”

Angela shrugged.

“It’s not exactly a fair fight,” she said. “I did read your mind, after all.”

“Hey, what’s the point of having an advantage if you don’t exploit it?” Leigh said.

“So if I tracked down a chess grandmaster and stole his skills, you’d be okay with that?” Angela asked.

“I’d welcome the challenge,” Leigh replied. “Matter of fact, I can introduce you to my aunt if you’d like to give it a shot.”

“Maybe some other time,” Angela said, chuckling.

In the diner, Angela B stared at the table, thinking about what Leigh said. She slowly raised her eyes, following Genesis’s arm up to her shoulder, her chin, lips, nose—

Genesis stared out the window.

“I should probably head out,” she said.

“Already?” Angela asked. “But you just got here.”

“I have to work,” Genesis replied. “I just wanted to grab a quick bite before I went in.” She stood and dug her wallet out of her jeans. Dropped forty bucks on the table. “Lunch is on me.”

“Uh, thanks,” Angela said. “Are you… okay?”