HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 60

She awoke the next morning with a splitting headache. Leigh’s power had run its course, leaving Angela with a hypersensitivity to electrical signals. Just picking up her phone nearly caused her to double over in pain.

On a whim, she duplicated herself. The pain subsided immediately. When she merged back into one body, the pain returned.

So while Angela A worked an eight-hour shift at New Game Plus, Angela B hung out in the food court, trying to keep a low profile.

Sunday afternoon, she had lunch with Leigh. Angela looked into her friend’s eyes and reabsorbed her personality, memories, and superpower. When the barista’s power wore off the next morning, all Angela needed to do was focus on a piece of technology and the side effect—double-vision, in this case—went away.

She managed to arrange her work schedule so that she had Wednesday off. When Leigh’s power faded, Angela made her way to Victorious Park and headed as deep into the woods as she could. She leaned back against a large tree and closed her eyes.


“Are… are you okay?”

Angela looked up at a pale woman with red hair and green eyes. The life that flowed into Angela’s mind was solitary but not lonely. A couple friends, a fiancée, a dog, and a successful business. Angela felt a little envious.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she said, standing. “I must have fallen asleep. Just needed to get off the grid for a bit.”

The woman smiled.

“I’m the opposite,” she said. “I come here to reconnect.”

Like a landslide, the multitude of voices poured back into Angela’s mind, just like Leigh’s power but… different. She glanced around and realized she was sensing plants instead of machines.

The woman laid a hand on the big tree and closed her eyes.

“The city’s just too quiet,” she said. “There’s so much more life here. So much more history.”

Angela stood beside the woman and touched the tree.