Angela shivered as she stepped outside. Three days ago she ran into a guy with ice powers and this morning she woke up borderline hypothermic. Even with two shirts and a sweater, she couldn’t seem to stay warm. The summer sun did little to help.

The Jacobs Computing smart car pulled up to the curb and Angela climbed inside. She closed her eyes and leaned in for a kiss. Genesis’s hand was warm on her cheek.

“How was your session?” Angela asked, leaning back in her seat.

“Rough,” Genesis replied. “She wanted to talk about Jackie and that whole can of worms.”

“Ouch,” Angela said.


Genesis pulled away from the building. Her hair had grown out quite a bit lately, the dark curls now hanging down over her eyes. She was wearing a white dress shirt with the top two buttons popped and the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Angela took it all in from the corner of her eye.

“Are you checking me out?” Genesis asked.

“Maybe,” Angela replied.

“That’s my girl,” Genesis said.

Angela smiled and glanced out the window. They hadn’t made eye contact since that night three months ago when they’d shared their first kiss. They decided it would be best for Genesis’s therapy if she had complete privacy. So no more mind reading.