HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 7

“Me?” Genesis said. “No, I just like their cartoons. I’d love to go someday, though.”

“I don’t think I could handle it,” Angela said. “All those people packed into such a small place.”

“Too many eyes to avoid, right?” Genesis asked.

“Pretty much,” Angela said. “There, take the next right.”

Genesis turned and said, “I guess you haven’t done much travelling at all, then?”

“Not really,” Angela said. “Have you?”

“A little,” Genesis said. “I did the whole ‘European adventure’ thing when I finished high school. And I went to Cape Town a couple years ago for a cousin’s wedding. But that’s about it.”

“Wow,” Angela said. “That sounds amazing.”

She stared out at the same old city streets and wondered what it’d be like to visit other countries, maybe a desert or jungle somewhere with nobody around for miles.

“So what exactly happens when you make eye contact with someone?” Genesis asked. “Do you get a panic attack or something?”

“Turn left here,” Angela said, and cleared her throat. “It’s kind of hard to explain. Like… you know how when you dig your fingernail into your skin, you get a little dent there for a while that gradually fades away?”

“Sure,” Genesis said.

“My brain is sort of like that,” Angela said. “Except it’s your thoughts and memories that leave the dent.”

Genesis was quiet for a long moment.

“That kicks ass,” she said finally.

“No, it doesn’t,” Angela said. “It sucks. It’s like having someone else’s brain crammed into your skull, telling you things you never wanted to know.”

“Come on, aren’t you even a little curious what’s going on in my head right now?” Genesis asked.

Angela stared out through the windshield and pointed up ahead.

“That’s my building,” she said.