HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 72

“This is Dr. Leeds,” Hassan said. “She was a student of mine briefly and she has a unique ability that may be of use to you.”

“What kind of ability?” Angela asked.

“Look into her eyes and see,” he replied.

Angela took a deep breath and turned to Leeds. The stress of long days and late nights poured into Angela’s head. Life-and-death decisions. Patients lost and patients saved. Sorrow coupled with a sense of purpose.

The pain in Angela’s head and arm faded. She flexed the fingers on her left hand.

“Care to do the honors?” Hassan asked Leeds, gesturing to Angela.

“Sure thing, Doc,” Leeds said.

She stepped around the bed and removed the sling and splint from Angela’s forearm. She probed up and down the bone with her fingers.

“Does it still hurt?” she asked.

“Not at all,” Angela replied.

“Well, there’s no swelling or bruising,” Leeds said. “And the ulna and radius both seem intact.”

She took a penlight out of her pocket and shone it into Angela’s left eye, then her right. Leaning over the bed, Leeds unwrapped a bandage from Angela’s head.

“Head trauma’s gone, too,” she said.

“Um, can someone explain to me what’s going on?” Genesis asked.

“Oh, sorry,” Leeds said. “Here, check this out.”

She removed a ring from her upper lip and the hole sealed right up.

“Okay, that’s pretty cool,” Genesis said.

“I know, right?” Leeds said, grinning.

She turned to Angela and removed the electrodes and IV. A drop of blood appeared on the back of Angela’s hand. Leeds wiped it off with a bit of gauze, and the puncture wound disappeared.

“I’d still like to keep you here for a few more tests,” Leeds said. “Just in case.”