HUMAN/SUPER First Contact 85

Angela looked into Anna’s eyes. She caught many of the same memories as last time, plus a few recent events. A wedding ceremony showered in rose petals and cherry blossoms. A honeymoon in the rainforests of Australia.

“You got married,” Angela said. “Congratulations.”

“Thanks,” Anna said. “It’s been quite an adjustment, but we’re happy. What about you? Did everything work out with your not-sure-if-special someone?”

“It did,” Angela said. “I went and talked to her shortly after you and I met. We’ve been together ever since.”

“Good for you!” Anna said.

“Yeah,” Angela said. “She’s actually the reason I’m here today. Her grandfather just died and I thought I should, you know, bring something.”

“I know just what you need,” Anna said. She reached under the counter. “Hold out your hand.”

Angela did as she was told. Anna poured a bunch of seeds into Angela’s palm.

“Uh… what am I supposed to do with these?” Angela asked.

“Come on, Ms. Mimic,” Anna replied. “You can figure it out.”

It took Angela a minute to clue in. Then she closed her eyes and clasped her hand around the seeds.

She could feel the life inside them, waiting to emerge. And with a bit of effort, she coaxed that life out. When she opened her eyes, she was holding a bouquet of white lilies.

“Nicely done!” Anna said.

She took the flowers and wrapped them in plastic with a bow around the stems. Angela reached for her wallet.

“Oh, no, they’re on the house,” Anna said, passing the flowers across the counter. “You did most of the work.”

“Thank you,” Angela said. “Not just for this, but for what you said all those months ago. I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t run into you that morning.”

“You’d have gotten there eventually,” Anna said.

“Still, thanks,” Angela said.